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What is the difference between a Credit Sweep and Credit Repair?

Sweep Your Credit Clean Of All Negative Items and Start Fresh Today. 

The main difference is the time frame, fee schedule and process. Our credit sweep is proprietary, and extremely expedited in comparison to traditional credit repair. Deletions start occurring within the first 30 days. For most clients, the best results happen within the first 45 – 60 days.

Traditional credit repair takes 6 – 14 months while incurring a monthly fee, and results are dragged out throughout that time frame. Expect a couple deletions (if you are lucky). Credit repair is a likely waste of 6 – 14 months of your time, money and energy. We work with you to clean up your credit and raise your credit scores quickly.


How Does Credit Sweeps Work?

We remove all the negative items in 8 weeks (Equifax, Experian, Transunion) Charge-offs, Collections, Late payments, Foreclosures, Bankruptcies, Repos, Judgments, Evictions, Child Support, Tax Liens, Short Sales, Student Loans and Much More!   We remove all negative items and keep on all the positive items. This program will have your personal credit profile as good as new in  about 60 days. We can even add tradelines to it to get you loans or to help you qualify to purchase a house.   We have a proprietary method that works directly to all three credit bureaus.     

Our team of certified credit repair specialist go through continuous credit training. We constantly attend credit boot camps, seminars, webinars, and keep up to date with the various credit reporting and credit laws. We understand the process of credit repair, the stall tactics the bureaus use as well as the makeup of the FICO score. We have a legal approach to credit repair. We constantly optimize our dispute letters to stay adjusted with the never ending changes of our industry. For our 60 day expedited process we not only use the legal handcrafted letters but also access certain departments within the credit bureaus few know about which streamlines the process and speeds the process up exponentially. 


1. We Send Attorney Crafted Dispute Letters to your Creditors and Credit Agencies within certain departments. 

2. The Letters are Set with US Codes That Creditors/Bureaus violates daily.

3. Process Usually takes 30 to 90 Days 

4. We have a dual approach challenging negative items by phone and certified mail.

5. When the process is complete and can add seasoned tradelines to really boost your score and get you qualified for a loan (optional).


Credit bureaus keep information on your record up to 10 years, so problematic credit history can follow you around for a LONG time. You came to the right place to skyrocket your consumer buying power!

Are Credit Sweep Effective?


ABSOLUTELY! This is highly effective for a credit score after a collection, delinquency, bankruptcy, divorce, Identity theft, judgement, late payment, or foreclosure. We work on all of these.  79% of all credit reports contain errors! This means that most credit reports can be improved instantly. We work on correcting inaccurate and misleading personal data on your credit report. Also inaccurate and unverifiable credit and collection information must be complete, accurate and verifiable otherwise you have the right to dispute the account.

 Are Credit Sweep Legal?

A credit sweep is a form of credit repair which is 100% legal and it works because of the law. The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) gives you the right to dispute any item on your credit report. If an item cannot be verified, it must be removed. This is the basis of all credit repair.  

The FCRA is a U.S. Government legislation enacted to promote the accuracy, fairness and privacy of consumer information contained in the files of consumer reporting agencies. It is intended to protect consumers from willful and or negligent inclusion of inaccurate information on their credit reports.

We further enhance the method with phone call disputes that really speed the process  up. Cost is $950. $450 deposit, balance due upon the first round of results, approximately 45 days. Call Now for a Free Consultation.


No, this is a completely separate service as it requires a completely different method. Do you need to remove pesky credit inquiries? If you have too many, you will get DENIED more frequently which will hold you back from getting the things you want in your life.

We can remove certain pesky inquiries (up to 100 credit inquiries across all three credit bureaus). Typical results are 15 – 30 days. We have a phenomenal bundle discount if you purchase inquiry removal with your credit sweep.


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